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8 Simple (But Really Useful) Bullet Journal Page Ideas

A five-minute read if you’re looking for some useful bullet journal page ideas – or for some inspiration on what page ideas will work best for you. 

Bullet Journal Page Ideas

Whether you’re just starting your bullet journal, or you’ve been doing it for a while, you may be overwhelmed by all the different possibilities of bullet journal pages and ideas.

There’s an unlimited number of pages that you could include in your bullet journal, and of course, you can design them in any way you want.

While this gives you lots of room for creativity, it can also make it difficult for you to decide where to start and what bullet journal pages you realistically will use in the long run.

Aside from the normal daily to-do lists and the planning aspects of bullet journaling, for me, the magic of bullet journaling is being able to ‘brain dump’ all the separate bits and pieces going on in my life.

The Bullet Journal Brain Dump Pages

With a gazillion ideas bouncing around our minds each day, it helps enormously to clear the mind (and stress levels) by ‘downloading’ as much as possible in the one place.

Creating useful bullet journal brain dump pages can also help you to:

  • Get (and stay) organized,
  • Reduce the need for all the different scraps of paper and post it notes,
  • Provide a beautiful way to document your memories,
  • Gain a clear perspective on where you’re spending your time,
  • Provide inspiration and motivation &
  • Focus on the more important things in life

Here’s 8 ideas for simple, but highly useful bullet journal pages. They may not be the prettiest, but they are practical to my stage of life right now, and even better, they actually get used!

1. Routines

I’m a recovering ‘fly-by-the-seat-of my pants’ girl.

But lately I’ve been loving the simplicity and calm that comes with having the right routines and systems working in my life.

I’m not a big fan of having my routines plastered around the walls of my home though, so the ‘Routines’ page in my bullet journal has been a life-saver.

Everything on one page let’s me know what I need to get done daily, weekly, monthly and so on.

From here, I can either add the tasks to my monthly or weekly spread as I go.

2. Monthly Tracker 

Monthly tracker bullet journal

I use this bullet journal tracker to map out everything from bills to pay, home maintenance, personal maintenance, medical/dental check-ups etc.

It can also be used to track monthly habits that you’re trying to set.

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Basically, anything that happens over the course of a year is given a birds-eye view by the tracker.

3. Memories

memories bullet journal

One minute your baby is trying pureed food for the first time and the next minute they are speaking in full (mostly audible) sentences!

Time moves so fast and while I thought there was no way I would EVER forget the day each of my children took their first step, it is surprising easy to forget the exact dates. And that always bugs me.

I know I could record memories in the weekly and daily pages of my planner, but I’m loving the concept of a full page ‘memories’ spread where I can quickly jot down a funny thing my child said or did, record important milestones or anything random that I know I want to always remember.

And by having the dedicated memories page, I know I can always go straight to this page rather than have to flick through an entire bullet journal.

4. Meal Inspiration

Food ideas bullet journal

Sometimes, I get a little boring in the meal preparation department.

And in a house of mainly Celiacs, sandwiches don’t always cut if for lunch boxes.

This catch-all page provides a place to jot down ideas for dinners to mix it up a bit, lunch box ideas, snack ideas and recipes I keep meaning to try.

5. Home Projects

Home project ideas bujo

We built our home 6 years ago and it still doesn’t feel completely finished.

Usual story – time and money always get in the way. On this bullet journal page, I can write down my ideas, inspirations and research for any home projects that we are getting around to when the time and money allows.

6. Read, See & Do Ideas 

Bullet Journal Page Ideas - Read & Watch Ideas

I’ve seen some amazing bullet journal ideas for movies to watch, books to read and tv series to binge.

But realistically they don’t warrant a full page each in my planner at this stage of my mothering.

So, for now, I incorporate them all together and so far, it’s been working well and gives me some great ideas when I do get some time for Netflix or placing an Amazon order.

7. Gift Ideas

Bullet Journal Page Ideas - Gift Ideas

I keep a sneaky storage box, far far up in the cupboard that I add gifts to when I see something great on sale.

My kids seem to go to a birthday party every weekend and when Barbie whatever/LOL dolls or Pokemon anything come on sale I will grab a few and throw them in the sneaky gift box.

However….. to avoid unnecessary purchases and buying too much, I keep a track of them in the gift ideas page of my bullet journal. Because, you know, the sneaky box is really, really high and sometimes I really can’t be bothered physically checking it.

Another great idea for this page is that sometimes a burst of inspiration comes to me in regard to a loved one and I will jot down this idea for potential gift ideas for their next birthday, Christmas etc.

I also like to track how much I’ve spent so that I don’t go completely crazy with buying gifts.

8. Bullet Journal Wish List

Bullet Journal Page Ideas - Gift Ideas

I’ve recently been attempting to overhaul my wardrobe and actually incorporate a styled theme of sorts (ah, it’s an ongoing project!).

To do this, I’ve been noticing gaps in pieces of clothing I need to complete an outfit idea and therefore I will write these down on my wish list bullet journal page.

To be honest, mostly these items are wants and not essential, but either way it’s helping me to shop for things with intention and budget for these ‘wants’ accordingly.

The great thing about bullet journaling is that you can add  pages as you go. If something doesn’t work, or just isn’t practical in your life, write it off and try something different!

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