Bullet Journal Habit Tracker Ideas + 50 Habits to Track

Creating habit trackers in your bullet journal is an extremely effective tool for self-improvement, achieving goals and just generally up-grading your life.

It’s no secret that I love, love, love using my bullet journal for tracking habits.

Habits that I want to stop and habits I really need to implement.

Mainly because when I’m actually tracking a goal…it stays in the forefront of my mind and it greatly improves my success with it.

Oh, and I get huge satisfaction from checking off boxes….

But I do get bored easily with how I set them up. And sometimes I like to track weekly, and sometimes I like to track important habits monthly.

So, I thought I would share a few of the different habit tracker layouts I personally use in my bullet journal, and some great inspiration from others, including some amazing free habit tracker printables for you!

There are a few different ways you can track habits, and they don’t all require bullet journals – check out these habit tracker alternatives.

Habit Tracker Ideas

Firstly, it’s absolutely a waste of your time to start tracking random habits that have no relevance or meaning to your life and your goals.

So, have a think of what things that you’re wanting to improve in your life and what you are genuinely interested in achieving.

Here is a list of 50 things that you might find useful to track in your bullet journal:

  1. No coffee
  2. Social media freeze
  3. Phone-free time
  4. Self-care routine
  5. Write 500 words
  6. Walk every morning
  7. 10,000 steps
  8. Drink 2L water
  9. No sugar
  10. No spend
  11. No meat
  12. Random Act of Kindness
  13. Read
  14. Journal
  15. Gratitude journal
  16. Read with the kids
  17. Call a friend/family member
  18. Exercise
  19. No chocolate
  20. Meditate
  21. Prayer
  22. Positive affirmations
  23. Mood tracking
  24. No alcohol
  25. No junk food
  26. Floss teeth
  27. Get up early
  28. Vitamins
  29. 5 vegetables
  30. No dairy
  31. Make bed
  32. Yoga stretches
  33. No negativity
  34. Weigh-in
  35. No gossip
  36. No TV
  37. No biting nails
  38. Food tracking
  39. Declutter
  40. Daily cleaning task
  41. Laundry
  42. Walk dog
  43. Evening routine
  44. Morning routine
  45. Track your spending
  46. Most Important Task (MIT) completed
  47. Quality time with partner
  48. Go the gym
  49. Clean kitchen before bed
  50. No Netflix

Habit Tracker Layout Ideas for Your Bullet Journal

Once you’ve worked out what you want to track, there are multiple ways of tracking your habits in your bullet journal, including:

A simple weekly habit tracker, like this:

bullet journal habit trackers
Weekly habit tracker

A 30 day ‘no sugar’ challenge (with reward!):

30 day challenge in a bullet journal

Laura from momenvy.co creates amazing printables for your bullet journal – including this free ‘no spend’ habit tracker that you can colour in or cross out as you go:

No spend tracker from Momenvy.co

A running habit tracker (the Couch to 5 km program):

When you’re tracking a list of habits:


A quick and easy weekly tracker added into the weekly layout:

Weekly habit tracker in weekly bullet journal spread

While not a ‘habit tracker’ as such, the below example from Meraki Mother, shows a simple yet artistic mood tracker, which could also be used as a habit tracker for your bullet journal:

Mood tracker by Meraki Mother

A monthly overview tracker. This is great for when you know from the start of the month what you really want to focus on for the coming month. And it saves you the room in your weekly spreads:

Monthly habit tracker

​The below example is a great way to track a few specific habits over the month or a 30 day challenge. Simple to set up and with plenty of space to add inspiring quotes or pictures:

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