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How To Set Up A Cleaning Schedule & Tracker

Let me make this clear from the get-go… I don’t love cleaning. And I’m certainly not a natural at it.

But I am really, really motivated by my love of having a tidy home, that feeling of accomplishment and enjoying the weekend free from boring chores.

So believe me, this system isn’t hard and it’s not only for those who love to clean, or have all day long to be cleaning. But it is great for chunking down your cleaning tasks to smaller, more manageable tasks….that are more likely to get done.

And what better way, than to use your bullet journal to be able to not only see what needs doing, but to create a schedule and then to also track that you are actually doing it!

Here’s how I used a ‘dutch’ door to create both a cleaning schedule and a cleaning tracker all in the one bullet journal layout:

1. Divide and conquer your home

Pre-kids, our home was fairly easy to clean…and to keep clean.

Hubby and I would do a weekly clean each week, all in one go and it was done.

Now, there are 3 main obstacles to keeping our home clean:

1.  The house is messier due to more people and their ‘things’

2.  I don’t have a two-hour block of time that is uninterrupted to dedicate to home cleaning &

3.  The house doesn’t stay clean very long..which is of course very demotivating and then makes me not want to do it.

So, like any big projects, it was best to split up the cleaning tasks, to more manageable chunks.

Which I really resisted, because it initially felt that I would be cleaning every day and that just sounds, well horrible really.

But after trying it, it works.

First, you need to section your house up into areas or zones.

A simple grid drawing of your home is all you need to be able to get an easy visual of the areas that you are dealing with. As we built our home fairly recently, I happened to have a house plan available, which saved me the drawing part!

While you could sort into tasks required/flooring type/size etc, I section up my home like so:

  • Kitchen zone
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Living Rooms
  • Outdoors

2. What needs cleaning & how often

Next I went through each area of my home and worked out what needs cleaning, and how often.

Some task requires daily cleaning, some weekly and some tasks are totally fine to leave a little less frequently.

I didn’t list my daily cleaning tasks on the above bullet journal layout, mainly because they are habit now (tidy kitchen, dishes, load of laundry etc) and would be too tedious to track every day.

Personally, the four areas of my home that require weekly cleaning are the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms and living rooms.

Some cleaning tasks in these areas also require deep cleaning every so often and then there are the cleaning tasks that only need doing every couple of months. Therefore I created a ‘deep clean’ section and listed out the tasks required in the following eight areas:

  • Kitchen (things like cleaning out the pantry, tupperware, oven etc)
  • Bathrooms (things like scrubbing the grout, windows, decluttering the cabinets, etc) 
  • Bedrooms (decluttering wardrobes and bedside tables)
  • Outdoors
  • Kid’s stuff (toyroom, books, clothes declutter etc)
  • Appliances (clean dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, coffee machine, etc)
  • Cabinets (declutter linen, laundry and broom closet etc)
  • ‘Bits and pieces’ (wipe over walls, fans, light switches etc).

3. Schedule it in

Next, I look at the times I have available in my schedule for cleaning.

I work from home a few days per week and the rest of the time I have three kids needing constant attention. I also aim to have the weekends off major cleaning (apart from the daily tasks like dishes, making beds, kitchen clean up etc, of course).

Therefore, I have to be savvy.

Creating a schedule at the top of the bullet journal layout allows me to see when and what I need to be doing. No second guessing, no delay tactics.

For me, I have 4 quick weekly tasks that I spread over 4 weekdays. Before I start work for the day, I set a timer for 20 minutes and go:

Monday I tackle the quick weekly kitchen cleaning tasks,

Tuesday the quick weekly bedroom cleaning tasks,

Thursday the quick weekly bathroom clean & 

Friday the quick weekly living area tasks.

Leaving Wednesday (the day I have the most time available) to tackle one of my ‘deep clean’ tasks. I set the time for 40 minutes on a Wednesday (mostly I’m done earlier) and I do one of these every week. 

4. Get it done and track it

When you flip over the dutch door, you then have ample space to be able to track what you have completed and what’s coming up.

I have 8 deep clean tasks and only 1 day per week (Wednesday) to work on these.

Therefore they get done once every 2 months (which if I’m honest, is a lot more often than they were getting done!) and it’s been so useful to track the weekly and deep cleans without having to add them to my weekly bullet journal spreads each week.

Cleaning tracker bullet journal

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