Pre made bullet journals

Pre-made Bullet Journal Options – To Boost Your Productivity

If you love bullet journaling but find creating the same weekly and monthly layouts over and over again time consuming and unproductive – then this is for you! 

Premade Bullet Journals

premade bullet journals

Bullet journaling is awesome. There’s so much choice.

(Check out: Bullet Journal Basics if you’re new to it)

  • You can be as arty or as plain as you like.
  • You can use an expensive, dotted journal with thick, luxurious paper….. or any old lined journal you have lying around.
  • You can keep everything about your life in the one place. Or just keep a running ‘to-do’ list.
  • And it’s flexible enough to handle super busy times in your life, yet still there and waiting if you don’t need ‘her’ for a while. She’s good like that.

You could argue that the entire point of bullet journaling, is the ability to personalize it.

So why am I even considering ‘pre-made bullet journals’?

One simple reason:


I found my ‘planner peace’ with a bullet journal, and I had settled into a nice little routine.

I would set up my monthly overview layouts for the entire year (a simple future log just didn’t work for me), a had trackerscleaning scheduleslistsgoal planning and I’d found a simple weekly layout that worked best for me.

But each week I was just recreating the same thing.

And then I would forget until Monday.

When I needed to be planning and organizing – not spending time drawing out the same layouts.

Or I didn’t know where to write in something for a few weeks time. So I didn’t.

And then forgot it altogether!

So my ‘planner peace’ (yes, it’s really a thing) was off. And I needed a solution. 

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A premade bullet journal

Now, there are also plenty of printables available for bullet journaling, but this overview only includes pre-made or pre-printed bullet journals that are bound – simply because I don’t have the time or inclination to print and bind pages right now.

So I started researching pre-made bullet journals that would still allow me:

  • the room to ‘bullet’ my lists, events and random ideas,
  • the dotted pages I have come to love,
  • the flexibility and ability to personalize and
  • a basic monthly and weekly template so I could forward plan and hit the ground running each week

So if you’re looking for something similar (because surely I can’t be alone?!) here is some of the best I found:

1. Bullet Keeper Planner

An undated monthly and weekly calendar planner? Sounds perfect, right!?

Check out the Bullet Keeper:

Here’s what the Bullet Keeper provides:

  • Undated, but provides structure
  • 12 x monthly calendars, with 5 weekly layouts between each month
  • ‘Weekly layouts’ can be used in various ways with minimal set up required
  • Dot grid paper
  • Plenty of extra room to create lists, habit trackers and other random layouts you want or need (all towards the end of the monthly & weekly layouts)
  • Great price

Very impressed with this one!

2. Scribbles That Matter (Pre-Printed)

Scribbles That Matter journals have long been popular amongst bullet journalers, but they have also created a pre-printed version.

If you’re not that creative and just want the basic bullet journal set up then this might work for you.

  • Dated
  • Pre-printed monthly and weekly pages (weekly runs Monday to Weekend)
  • Includes some decorations pre-printed 
  • Monthly overview pages include a habit tracker pre-printed and a decorated monthly page – but there’s still plenty of room to customize!
  • 2 blank dotted pages each next month starts
  • Dot grid paper
  • Extra pages (32 in total) to create lists, extra habit trackers and other random layouts you want or need – (16 before the monthly layouts and then 16 at the very end)
  • Pen test page at the very end
  • Available in 3 colours – but not with the cute STM doodles on the cover 🙁 

A couple of things I did notice, is that the paper doesn’t seem to be the same thickness as in the normal STM journals, but isn’t as bad considering, you aren’t drawing as much in it, decorating it as much or ruling lines etc that cause ‘dents’ in the pages of normal bullet journals. Also, there is no index page included – which I kind of like.

Overall it’s a great pre-printed option!

3. Get To Work Book

Okay, so this one is really more of a planner, but it’s still great for bullet journaling.

  • Dated
  • Separated into monthly tabs, with space to plan for the month 
  • Pre-printed weekly layouts but with the bare minimum details – allowing you to personalize (love the boxes to the left of the page!)
  • Extra pages for project planning,  creating habit trackers and various other layouts
  • Grid boxes below each weekly layout and included in the project planning and ‘reflect’ pages
  • Ability to purchase the book unbound if you prefer

Check it out further here & here:


Preprinted Bullet Journals

Preprinted bullet journals are a hard thing to perfect. Because you’re catering to a group of people who like to personalize and customize their journals themselves. And of course you can’t please everyone (or create a thousand different variations).

But if you’ve been like me and struggling to keep up with creating your monthly or weekly layouts, then you might want to consider if the above planners can help.

More and more options are becoming available and I will update the above list as I learn and experiment more with premade bullet journals.

And be sure to let me know if you come across any other great options!


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